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This August is a breath of fresh air at N2N Gallery!

The readers may have been following the journey of N2N Gallery during the past 2 years. Having opened its doors in Emirates Palace in May 2013, with a niche focus on representing the high professionalism of Ukrainian school of art, the gallery has undergone an evolution, both in appearance, size, and its artistic focus. Reinvention of self has been a result of wanting to be more accessible to the public, and to open up more opportunities for the Abu Dhabians to discover art through regular events and exhibitions. Not moving away from the its original niche, but simply diversifying, N2N Gallery in Nation Towers has started to curate its exhibits from other parts of the world, for the first time, unveiling two new artists coming from India and Finland. If you have been following the N2N Gallery story, you will also know about the second location in Al Ain Tower, Khalidiyah. Accessible from the street through Costa Coffee, the Khalidiyah branch of the gallery boasts black walls and metal chains, a work space for art classes both for children and adults, and of course, regular art exhibitions of locally based artists. This space is truly dedicated to the Abu Dhabi community, both as a place for activity and culture, as well as a platform for artists of Abu Dhabi. Platform for locally based artists is crucial for cultivating the local art scene, to show the community that there are serious and talented artists in Abu Dhabi, and giving them the opportunity to exhibit their work. Do visit both galleries this August and see the refreshing new artworks maybe even take one home!Elina Virtanen

N2N Gallery, Nation Towers Branch. Sophie Schubakoff

Sophie Schubakoffs refreshing acrylic on canvas paintings all share a common element water. For the artist, water is a tool, an inspirational looking glass, a moving living memory. The composition leaves the subject hidden, only with a hint of the narrative. Within the merging of the moment as seen in Sophies art work, you can find romantic, mysterious, yearning, and even humorous scenes. The intricately executed paintings have an interesting cycle of creation a photo session taking place under water, followed by hand drawn interpretation of the image on canvas, and methodologically painting in precise brush strokes, creating every ripple effect and distorted detail of the subject carefully. Sophie Schubakoff is a Finnish artist born in 1984. She has a masters degree in Fine Arts, and she has had exhibitions in Finland, UK, Monaco, France, Italy, Belgium, Spain and USA.

A.V. Ilango

A.V. Ilangos minimalist forms on the canvas in acrylic paint - sometimes dramatic, sometimes softly merging in the back ground, are strongly influenced by agricultural activities, religious celebrations. Bulls, drummers and dancers are the subjects of Ilangos art works. The movement and the beat are evident in his paintings, which are composed using bold lines to create the dynamic forms. Besides the humans, bulls and cows are often protagonists in his work the animals that play an integral part in the Indian society and folk art. In Ilangos paintings, the bulls form angular structures, with their horns highlighted, their pose in an almost meditative state. The bull, a mascot of Lord Shiva, in Hindu philosophy as in Ilangos paintings, symbolises the human prowess. According to the artist, his background and education as a mathematician have contributed significantly to his artistic journey. A.V. Ilango completed his masters degree in mathematics in Bangalore University in 1973. He now lives in Chennai. Ilango is an established artist with a strong collector base in the UAE and abroad, and an international track record of exhibitions since 1980 including India, Singapore, France, Malaysia, USA, Taiwan and the UAE.

N2N Gallery, Al Ain Tower Branch: Natasha Kowalski

Natasha is fast making a name for herself on the UAE market. Having already attracted much attention from collectors, media and exhibitors, it is no wonder her captivating, bright and detailed abstract inkscapes are beautiful and delicate works of art that are a pleasure to be around, made in liquid acrylic on watercolor paper. Inspired by sensory experiences of the Middle East, they capture the tastes, sounds and colours of the cities. The works combine intricate patterns with fluidity of vibrant watercolors, artworks which carry impact at both micro and macro level. Natasha Kowalski is an Australian print maker with a Japanese woodblock major, abstract painter and a fashion designer. She graduated with BA in visual arts and a Masters in Design Science in Sydney University. Natasha lives in Abu Dhabi.

Laurette Kovary

Laurette Kovarys two series of artworks represent her wide versatility as an artist. Lost & Found in Arabia and Sands of Time are a collection of two bodies of work begun in the past year that reflect a transition from living in suburban Long Island New York in the United States to a lifestyle change and relocation to the desert and urban environment of Abu Dhabi. One a series of landscape oil paintings titled Sands of Time is of the desert that reflect the romanticism and seduction of the golden sands of Arabia. The other is a series of collages, Lost & Found in Arabia, that resonate the human connection and relationship of life in urban Arabia. The collages are like time capsules, consisting of metaphorical visual narratives in the form of mixed media born from the tangible layers of recycled refuse, salvaged grocery cardboard boxes, cached ephemera, architectural elements, photographs, regenerated art pieces, and the experiential mementos collected by the artist. In a world where almost everything we come into contact is packaged, utilized and discarded creates layers of not only waste but experiences. Laurette Kovary holds a degree in Fine Art from the Pratt Institute of Art in Brooklyn in 1981, and has since held numerous art exhibitions especially in New York.

Gabrielle Cormier

Gabrielle Cormier is an Abu Dhabi based Canadian artist who has captured her Khalidiyah neighborhood in the most charming and unique way, in her minimalist, structured vertical acrylic paintings. Upon moving to Abu Dhabi, Gabrielle connected her life experiences with an appreciation of the older, unique Khalidiyah district architecture, creating 12 paintings called the Khalidiyah Neighborhood. Absorbing daily changes of glass and structure, from sunrise to sunset, she has rendered them into simplified, subtle abstractions of shape and color. Deeply influenced by her external surroundings, the arts have always been a part of Gabrielles life, previously in the form of dress making, fine art framing and antique restoration, following dedication to arts on full time basis first through the Art and Crafts college, and eventually majoring in painting and black and white film photography with a Bachelor degree in Fine Arts from Mount Allison University in Canada in 2006. Gabrielles works are held in various private collections.


Eid Mubarak!

Paintig by Tetyana Yagodkina

Evening 2014, canvas, mixed media technique, 4054

This summer is for ART!

The newly opened N2N Gallery is happy to launch its ART CLASSES PROGRAMME for KIDS & ADULTS starting 14th of June.

Located in the heart of Abu Dhabi in Al Ain Tower in Khalidiyah (Costa Coffee entrance, near Oryx hotel), N2N Gallery and locally based artists have joined their creativity in order to offer art classes to ALL AGES.

Our classes have been designed for the entire family and aim to stimulate your CREATIVITY, develop your ARTISTIC SKILLS and bring you NEW FRIENDS and a LOT OF FUN.  We invite you to have a look and chose the one that best suits you!


1.Mixed Media art course for KIDS (4 week course starting 14th of June)

Experiment with mixed media and collage while discovering own personal artistic voice. Explore fresh new insights to feed creative expression, and create art by utilizing different techniques while enhancing your skills. Experience a range traditional and unconventional means of artistic expression including ways to transfer images with a thorough orientation of materials such as paints, canvas, paper, glazes, gold leaf, resin, found objects and more.

  For more information, time table and prices, please follow this link.


2.ART CAMP “Passport around the World” for KIDS (Weekly camps starting 12th of July till 30th of August)

Inspired by art from around the world, and masters like Picasso, Monet, Frida Kahlo, Van Gogh, this creativity – packed art camp will invite children to learn and explore different styles and techniques, including painting, sumi-e bamboo brushes and ink, block printing, clay making, pastels, oil crayons, charcoal and papier mache, creating their own masterpieces representative of various Eastern and Western cultures.

  For more information, time table and prices, please follow this link.


3.Acrylic painting and mixed media course for ADULTS & TEENS(4 week course starting 14th of June)

Explore your creativity in acrylic painting under the guidance of a professional artist. Learn about technique, theory and different styles while exploring themes in abstract and landscape.

For more information, time table and prices, please follow this link.


4.Silver jewellery making (one day course on 25th,27th of June & 2nd of July)

Work with a professional silver smith and create your own bespoke silver jewellery, including rings, necklaces and cufflinks.

Ages: 15 and above.

All materials provided, including silver.

 For more information, time table and prices, please follow this link.


Should you have any additional question regarding bookings or structure of the courses, please do not hesitate to contact us!


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Master Class "Landscape Painting in Oils" by Igor Shipilin 16 residents of Abu Dhabi took part in a master class lead by the artist Igor Shipilin. Student exhibition of the art works is on display from 7th - 14th February in Nation GalleriaN2N Gallery in Nation Galleria, Nation Towers, Abu Dhabi. Get in touch with us on art@n2n-gallery.com / 02 665 9858

Join us for an evening of art and socialising on the Corniche! "Life by the Sea" exhibition opening by the acclaimed Igor Shipilin, Monday 26th starting 7.00 PM at N2N Gallery in Nation Galleria, Nation Towers, Abu Dhabi. Get in touch with us on art@n2n-gallery.com / 02 665 9858

Master classes with Igor Shipilin, an acclaimed Crimean landscape artist displayed in Moscow Museum of Modern Art and the Hermitage State Museum in St.Petersburg Work with and learn from a top artist, exhibit your final work at a public Group Art Exhibition!

Course starts 30th of January 2015 Duration: 6 days, morning and evening sessions available Location: N2N gallery, Nation Towers Galleria, Corniche, Abu Dhabi Course price: 1,800.00 AED + Materials Seats are limited, for registration and more information contact N2N Gallery email: art@n2n-gallery.com phone: 02 665 9858 / 02 690 8929

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Coming Soon! Solo exhibition by artist VLADIMIR RESHETOV

"Cafe" oil on canvas, 2009, 85x60 (fragment)

"³ N2N Gallery, Aid al-Adha. Eid Mubarak!" " " , 2013, 100x100 ()

Our warmest Congratulations to Hamed Bin Mohamed Khalifa Al Suwaidi "Freeman City of London"

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