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Born in 1982, live and works in Kyiv, Ukraine
In 2000 graduated from the Shevchenko State Arts Secondary School, Kyiv, Ukraine.
In 2006 graduated from the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture, Painting Faculty, Kyiv, Ukraine, with a master’s degree diploma with honors, acquired complete higher education in Fine and Applied Arts and was qualified as a painter, researcher, lecturer. The workshop of professor O. M. Lopukhov.
Since 2006 a member of the Ukrainian Artists Union.

2004 — Grant of the President of Ukraine for talented youth. Ukraine
2004 — Commendation from the State Committee for Family and Youth Affairs “For contribution into development of creative activities of young people and for personal exhibition “Wickerwork of the time”. Ukraine
2005 — Winner of the Artistic Youth Forum of Kyiv, RA Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine
2005-2006 — the state scholarship, Ukraine
2007 — the Certificate of Merit of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism “For the Strong Personal Contribution Into Creation of Spiritual Values and for High Professional Skills”, Ukraine
2008 — traineeship in Cite Internationale des Arts, Paris, France.
Since 2014 — a member of Ukraine-France Association. Ukraine.

— The Museum of Modern Art of Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine
— The Archaeological Museum of Macedonia, Skopje, Macedonia
— The Museum of Trypillia Culture, Rzhyshchiv, Ukraine
— The Chernigiv Reginal Museum, Chernigiv, Ukaine
— Holdings of the National Artist Union of Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine
— The Grojeski Cultural Centre, Grojec, Poland
— The Municipal Gallery of the Opovo City, Opovo, Serbia
— Private collections in the USA, UAE, Spain, India, Poland, Serbia, Croatia, Ukraine, Russia

2006 — Ukrainian-Italina Project “Under the wing of the Saint Archistratigus Michael”, Khlibnya Gallery (Sofia of Kyiv), Kyiv, Ukaine
2006 — “Under the Wing of the Saint Archistratigus Michael”, Rome, Italy
2007 — CHA Salon 2007, the Central House of Artists, Moscow, Russia
2007 — Painting plein-air, Tarnobrzeg, Poland
2008 — Participation in the “Gurzuf Seasons” project: “Time Transformations”, Gurzuf, Ukraine
2008 — Painting plein-air, Zadar, Croatia
2009 — Exhibition-presentation of plein-airs of the “Gurzuf Seasons” projects. The Showroom of the Institute of Modern Art Problems of the AMU, Kyiv, Ukraine
2009 — Piantng Plein-air, Marbella, Spain
2009 — Conducting a master class in painting, Bolestraszyce national reserve, Poland
2009 — The Window to Eternity plein-air, Mumbai, India
2010-2011 — Cooperation with the Archaeological Museum of Macedonia, Skopje, Macedonia
2011 — Painting plein-air, Biala Podlaska, Poland
2011 — Painting plein-air, the island of Brac, Croatia
2012 — Painting plein-air, Macedonia
2008-2013 — A willow-weaving plein-air, Przemysl, Poland

2004 — Solo-exhibition “Wickerwork of the Time”, RA Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine
2006 — Solo-exhibition “Clan Festivity”, summary exhibition under the grant of the President of Ukraine, Mytets Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine
2007 — Solo-exhibition “Mood of Summer”, Art-Performance Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine
2009 — Solo-exhibition “Bon Voyage”, Ann Galeri, Kyiv, Ukraine
— Auction within the frame of the action “Artists Against Flu” at Art-Kyiv, the Ukrainian House, Kyiv, Ukraine
2011 — Solo-exhibition “Elementals”, Tomak Center Showroom, Kyiv, Ukraine
2012 — Solo-exhibition “Color”, the municipal gallery of the Opovo city, Serbia.
— Exhibition “From Trypillya by today”, the National Artists Union of Ukraine, Kyiv Ukraine.
2013 — An exhibition dedicated to Hryhorii Skovoroda. Rooms of the Kyevo-Mohylianska Academy University, Kyiv, Ukraine
— “NU” exhibition, Mytets Gallery, Ukraine
— “Trypillya Culture”, Ukrainian Culture Fund, Kyiv, Ukraine
— Exhibition in N2N Gallery, Abu-Dhabi, UAE
— “Landscape Ukraine. Spiritual Ukraine” Exhibition, Leading Artists of Ukraine Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine
2013 —
2014 — “Landscape” Exhibition, Mytets Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine
2014 — Solo-exhibition if the Grojecki Cultural Centre, Grojec, Poland
— “Temples — ‘A Fire of Love, a Dedication to Maidan’, M17 Contemporary Art Center Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine
of Ukraine” Exhibition, Kyiv Museum of Russian Arts, Kyiv, Ukaine

In general took part in mire than 120 exhibitions.

 Palm, mixed media technique, 2008, 90x80.     Water and Sun, mixed media technique, 2013, 236x90. NEW!    Nuances, mixed media technique, 2008, 100x76. NEW!    Evening. Magnolia, mixed media technique, 2008, 60x50. NEW!    Wave, mixed media technique, 2013, 92x129. NEW!    After the Heat, mixed media technique, 2013, 123x91. NEW!
 Macedonia. Night., mixed media technique, 2013, 122x90. NEW!    Lilies, mixed media technique, 2010, 90x100. Not for sale    Evenings on the Perspektivnaya Street. 3. Kiev. Ukraine., mixed media technique, 2013, 101x103. NEW!    Evenings on the Perspektivnaya Street 2. Kiev. Ukraine., mixed media technique, 2013, 99x110. NEW!    Evening on Perspectivna Street 1  		, mixed media technique, 2013, 90x122. NEW!    Dawn in Croatia, mixed media technique, 2011, 80x60. NEW!
 Arabic Evening, mixed media technique, 2014, 78x102. Not for sale    After Sunset, mixed media technique, 2014, 78x100. NEW!    Eastern Desserts, mixed media technique, 2014, 89x90. NEW!    Sky over the Estuary, canvas oil, 2014, 37x28. NEW!    Grand Mosque, canvas oil, 2013, 37x29. NEW!    Crimson, canvas oil, 2014, 40x30. NEW!
 Leaf, mixed media technique, 2012, 200x200. Not for sale    Rainy day on the lake,  paper watercolour, 2011, 100x80.     Midday. Macedonia, mixed media technique, 2012, 100x90.     Nightfall, mixed media technique, 2012, 122x89. Collection of the artist    Willow. Sanday, mixed media technique, 2011, 100x100. Not for sale    Three boats, mixed media technique, 2013, 320x90.
 Dawn, mixed media technique, 2013, 98x135. Not for sale    Dried persimmons, mixed media technique, 2011, 70x60. Not for sale    Apples - 2, canvas oil, 2003, 90x160.     Apples, canvas oil, 2003, 90x160.     Rock, mixed media technique, 2008, 80x90.     Gold in Kiev, mixed media technique, 2009, 90x80. Not for sale
 Delicate autumn, mixed media technique, 2011, 90x80.     Winter Sun, mixed media technique, 2010, 60x55.     Red color, mixed media technique, 2011, 30x20.     Apples in the snow, mixed media technique, 70x60.     Happy morning, mixed media technique, 60x80. Not for sale    Grape Leaves, canvas oil, 2008, 80x90.
 White structure, mixed media technique, 2011, 100x90.     Rhythms, mixed media technique, 2011, 30x20. Not for sale    Flowering tree, mixed media technique, 2008, 90x80.     Balance, mixed media technique, 2009, 110x80.     Olive trees and sea, canvas oil, 2010, 80x60.     Andalusian motifs, mixed media technique, 2009, 80x60. Not for sale
 Newlyweds, mixed media technique, 2011, 100x80.     Watermelons at dusk, mixed media technique, 2011, 90x70. Not for sale    Tropical fruits, mixed media technique, 2010, 70x50.     The mood in the cold coloring., mixed media technique, 2009, 80x90.      Rhythm, mixed media technique, 2008, 70x56.     Astilbe, mixed media technique, 2008, 80x90.
 Magic Ukraine, mixed media technique, 2012, 90x50.     Banana leaves, mixed media technique, 2008, 90x80.                 

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