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02.02.1930 — born in Kyiv, Ukraine
1951 — 1957 — studied in the Kyiv State Arts Institute, Graphic Arts Faculty, Kyiv, Ukraine
Since 1962 — a member of the Ukrainian Artists Union
Participates in national and international exhibitions, open airs, contests.
His works are displayed in the National Arts Museum of Ukraine and in the private collections.

Volodymyr Reshetov, a good hand at drawing lyric landscapes, spent big part of his life making posters. But he was always fascinated with countryside, its spaciousness that he depicts so flawlessly in his immanent realistic-romantic manner. For this reason he devoted himself to drawing landscapes, first in watercolors and then eventually set on painting in oils. In his paintings full of vitality, air and lightness the master reproduces moods, time, seasons... Reshetov manages to get an insight into the innermost of nature, to show it as is, to catch the slightest color shades and moods. Flickering spring tree flowers, lush summer grass, hot sunny summer day or sea waves — all these are protagonists so lyrically sung of by the master. His works are always tranquil and serene. To draw a landscape, the painter chooses cozy places and paint in finest strokes. Using multilayer painting technique, he creates amazingly live images. Mood of his works associates with masterpieces of French impressionists. Delicately chosen by the master colors are blended so naturally on canvas. His chord of tones is quiet, hos works are somewhat light and laconic. He felicitously highlights the key points and at the same time keeps the picture romantically tranquil.

Mariya Skoblikova. Art critic. Senior Researcher. National Art Museum of Ukraine.

 May in the Botanical Garden, canvas oil, 2008, 70x60. NEW!    Rain in Balaklava, canvas oil, 2007, 70x50. NEW!    Beach. Artek, canvas oil, 2007, 60x50. NEW!    Tender Day, canvas oil, 1996, 59x44.     Apricot in Blossom, canvas oil, 2009, 50x56. NEW!    Summer. Gursuf, canvas oil, 1999, 45x58.
 Warm Gursuf, canvas oil, 2001, 50x37. NEW!    The park. Autumn,  paper watercolour, 2006, 85x60.     The summer cottage, canvas oil, 2010, 50x70.     The cafe on the beach, canvas oil, 2010, 70x60.     Mild evening, canvas oil, 2010, 70x60. NEW!    The warm autumn, canvas oil, 2010, 70x60.
 Bulding near Golden Gates, canvas oil, 2008, 70x80.     Bridge in park, canvas oil, 2002, 75x75.     Winter in Kiev, canvas oil, 2007, 60x70.     Gurzuf, canvas oil, 2001, 70x53.     Fountain, canvas oil, 2010, 70x70.     Pouring rain is approaching, canvas oil, 2008, 70x70.
 Cafe, canvas oil, 2009, 85x60.     Jasmine in blossom, canvas oil, 2009, 80x60.     Red cafe, canvas oil, 2010, 80x60.     Artek, seaside, canvas oil, 2005, 80x60.     Roofs under the snow, canvas oil, 2008, 70x90.     Flood plain, canvas oil, 1999, 80x60.
 Hot wind, canvas oil, 2007, 80x60.     Sea near Artek, canvas oil, 2003, 60x40.     The winter of Kiev, canvas oil, 2010, 50x65.     Artek, seaside, canvas oil, 2001, 70x50.     Spring fetched Summer, canvas oil, 2007, 70x60.     Cafe near Golden Gate, canvas oil, 2003, 70x50.
 Artek, canvas oil, 2002, 50x70.    , canvas oil, 2008.     Street, leading to Artek, canvas oil, 2000, 63x44.     Tent On The Berth, canvas oil, 2008, 60x50. Collection of the artist    The apricot tree blossoms, canvas oil, 2008, 50x55.     Bridge, canvas oil, 2009, 65x50.
 An old garden, canvas oil, 2010, 55x50.     An old pond, canvas oil, 2008, 60x50.     The beach, canvas oil, 2010, 40x60.     The pathway, canvas oil, 1998, 25x20.     The beach in the Gurzuf, canvas oil, 2011, 80x60.     Old hut, canvas oil, 1996, 20x15. Not for sale
 Kiev after the rain, canvas oil, 2009, 60x60.     Winter in Kiev, canvas oil, 2003, 50x60.     The ricks, canvas oil, 1999, 55x40.     The garden in the summer, canvas oil, 2008, 70x60.     Summer in the village, canvas oil, 1998, 80x60.     Gloomy day, canvas oil, 1993, 80x50.
 Old yard, canvas oil, 1997, 40x30.     Sultriness, canvas oil, 2000, 70x75.     Small street in Gurzuf, canvas oil, 1999, 50x60.     The Crimea, canvas oil, 1999, 20x20. Not for sale    In the park, canvas oil, 2009, 60x55.     A stormy day, canvas oil, 2009, 60x50.
 Adalar, canvas oil, 2003, 70x75.     Spring Rusanivka, canvas oil, 2007, 80x60.                 

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