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20.03.1952 — born in Trostyanets city, Sumy Region.
1971— 1977 — studied at the Kyiv State Arts Institute, Kyiv, Ukraine.
1979-1982 — studied at art schools of the Arts Academy of the USSR, Kyiv, Ukraine.
1986-1988 — post graduate courses in the Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture named after Ilya Repin, Saint Petersburg, Russia.
Since 1989 — lecturer, professor of the National Academy of Arts and Architecture, Kyiv, Ukraine.

Participates in national and international exhibitions, open airs, auctions, contests.
Works are kept in private collections of England, France, Germany, Korea, Russia.

Henry Yagokin is a brilliant representative of Ukrainian school of classic realistic arts. His artistic development consists of many stages, topics and subject choices. Travels to various countries pushed the artist to turn right to the Old Rus theme that outpoured in ethno-historic series. His landscapes and still lives are unusual and interesting. Henry Yagodkin chooses both traditional and unexpected angles for his pictures, notices small though very important details. The artist renders beauty of what was seen in nature with rich juicy colors. For landscapes he picks out a seemingly unremarkable motif and transforms it into true carnival of colors full of emotions. For still life, he chooses bright bouquets and pictures them against the background of a landscape or an open window with airy spaces. It builds up a feeling of lightness that raises us over daily routine. The artist masterly works with colors and tones and it makes his works to be credibly realistic.
Being a lecturer in the National Academy of Arts and Architecture Genry Yagodkin worked out and introduced a course of lectures for students of the master’s degree in the Academy — «Composition in easel painting». His pictures are immediately recognized for distinctive author’s touch that is based on the strong realistic school.

Mariya Skoblikova. Art critic. Senior Researcher. National Art Museum of Ukraine.

 March. Thaw, canvas oil, 2012, 114x95.     Sea Butterfly, canvas oil, 2012, 143x79.     Winter's Tale, canvas oil, 2012, 90x120.     Sunset, canvas oil, 2012, 80x120.     Enchanted forest, canvas oil, 2012, 100x110.     Breakfast at sea, canvas oil, 2012, 95x120.
 Ripe grapes, canvas oil, 2012, 90x120.     Mallows in contre, canvas oil, 2012, 80x120.     Port, canvas oil, 2012, 100x120.     Soft dawn, canvas oil, 2012, 110x90.     French motif, canvas oil, 2012, 90x100.     Dinner at sunset, canvas oil, 2012, 120x100.
 Karadag, canvas oil, 2012, 120x100.     Silence. Forest., canvas oil, 2012, 120x90. Collection of the artist    Traders salt, canvas oil, 1990, 49x40.     East Bazaar, canvas oil, 1990, 40x50.     East street, canvas oil, 1990, 40x50.     Desert. evening, canvas oil, 1990, 60x37.
 Strawberry and poppies, canvas oil, 1999, 50x43. Not for sale    Celebratory still-life, canvas oil, 2000, 80x90. Not for sale    Äilac, canvas oil, 1998, 58x62. Not for sale    Near the spring, canvas oil, 1990, 40x49.     Bank of the Nile, canvas oil, 1990, 60x37.     Hot sunset, canvas oil, 1998, 70x50. Not for sale
 Yellow field, canvas oil, 1998, 40x60. Not for sale    Ripe field, canvas oil, 1995, 65x50. Not for sale    Port in France, canvas oil, 1998, 60x52. Not for sale    Herbs, canvas oil, 1999, 80x50. Not for sale    Village, canvas oil, 2002, 65x54. Not for sale    White roses and blue sea, canvas oil, 2002, 55x70. Not for sale
 Beach, canvas oil, 1997, 80x70. Not for sale    Spring Flowers, canvas oil, 2002, 70x90. Not for sale    Glade., canvas oil, 2002, 62x42. Not for sale    July sea, canvas oil, 1997, 72x60. Not for sale    Spring, canvas oil, 2000, 80x60. Not for sale    Village. Hot evening, canvas oil, 1990, 50x61. Not for sale
 Verkhovyna. Twilight., canvas oil, 1988, 79x50. Not for sale    Morning flowers., canvas oil, 1990, 46x50. Not for sale    Spring essay ., canvas oil, 1997, 50x35. Not for sale    Autumn Kiev., canvas oil, 1999, 70x50. Not for sale    Landscapes of Ukraine. Sketch., canvas oil, 1997, 70x60. Not for sale    Mists in the Carpathians., canvas oil, 1990, 80x60. Not for sale
 Poetry half-light ., canvas oil, 2006, 50x80. Not for sale    Still home., canvas oil, 1991, 80x70. Not for sale    Cool spring., canvas oil, 2000, 60x80. Not for sale    Bright mood., canvas oil, 1991, 100x90. Not for sale    St. Andrew's Church. Kiev., canvas oil, 2010, 90x130.    , canvas oil, 2011, 130x90.
, canvas oil, 1999, 60x100. Not for sale    Spring sea, canvas oil, 2010, 80x70.     Irises and strawberries, canvas oil, 2010, 60x80.     Windmill, cardboard oil, 1992, 70x60. Not for sale    Poppies, canvas oil, 1992, 70x60. Not for sale    Lily., cardboard oil, 1995, 45x50. Not for sale
 Muse, canvas oil, 2000, 70x90. Not for sale    Winter landscape.Ukraine, cardboard oil, 1997, 70x50. Not for sale    Irises, canvas oil, 1998, 90x80. Not for sale    Summer luxury, canvas oil, 2005, 90x70. Not for sale    Golden flowers, canvas oil, 1998, 60x70. Not for sale    September still life., canvas oil, 1999, 70x50. Not for sale
 Summer heat, cardboard oil, 1991, 50x60. Not for sale    Village in the Ukraine, cardboard oil, 1992, 70x50. Not for sale    Study in Crimea, cardboard oil, 2009, 30x40. Not for sale    Lilacs in a blue scarf, canvas oil, 1999, 90x80. Not for sale    Study in gold color scheme, cardboard oil, 2000, 50x30. Not for sale    Silver morning, canvas oil, 1999, 70x50.
 Rock. Tarhankut, canvas oil, 2001, 90x70. Not for sale    Sail, canvas oil, 2005, 110x150. Not for sale    Cloud, canvas oil, 2005, 110x150. Not for sale    Vastness, canvas oil, 2002, 130x90.     Flowering willow, canvas oil, 2003, 75x60. Not for sale    Warm evening glow, canvas oil, 199, 80x50. Not for sale
 Old Fort. Crimea, canvas oil, 2000, 70x50. Not for sale    A quiet evening in the village, canvas oil, 1905, 50x40. Not for sale    Land in the Crimea, canvas oil, 2000, 70x50. Not for sale    Mist in Carpathian mountains, canvas oil, 1998, 70x50. Not for sale    Bear Mountain, canvas oil, 1990, 70x55. Not for sale    Midday, canvas oil, 1999, 80x50. Not for sale

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